Life in the Canadian Air Age #1

Tickets, check. Passports, check. Luggage, check. Baby…
Someone forget the baby?

A family boarded a flight on Monday in Vancouver, and forgot their child at the Vancouver airport. Oops.

The 23-month-old boy’s family had just arrived in Canada from the Philippines, but they had to re-pack their overweight bags before catching the connecting flight to Winnipeg. So they were running late.

In their Olympic sprint to the gate, the family became separated. Been there, done that.

The boy’s father Jun, thought his son was with his wife.
The boy’s grandparents, who ran ahead thought the boy was with his dad.

On the plane, the family members were seated separately and so did not immediately realize they had left the child behind. An honest mistake.

Eventually, a security guard found the boy, who speaks no English, wandering near the departure gate, and Air Canada officials tracked down his shocked parents on the flight. Thank heavens the RCMP didn’t find the kid first… Tazer-tot anyone?

Because of the boys tender age, he was not issued a boarding pass.
And would have sat on a parent’s lap during the flight…
…so airline personnel did not notice a passenger was missing.

Airport security found a Tagalog-speaking Air Canada agent who looked after the child while his father flew 2,300 kilometers (1,400 miles) back to Vancouver to pick him up. What a wonderful and full first day in Canada!