If they say so

Sometimes you come across something that captures your eye.

Sometimes you don’t.
Of course… if you are missing details in your visual environment, you will never know will you?

Click on Chemainus Coffee Shop photo at left for full-size

The funny thing about the eye and the human brain… and how they are connected is this:
Your brain fills in the gaps on things your eyes miss. Kind of a fuzzy logic thing.
An example: A colleague of mine spends a lot of time shooting nature photos – and I am always staggered by the quality of the images he gets – because we are using similar technology.

Except that when I take a really close look at his work I start to see the same flaws I see in my digital shots.

Keep in mind that I am a film guy from way back. And despite our advances in technology, even the best full-frame digital dSLR’s are only a baby step ahead of most 99 dollar 35mm point and shoots for their overall quality.

Like the human brain, 35MM (and medium-format) films gather a tremendous amount of information – with little or no need for fuzzy logic or post-processing to get the most out of the image.

And love or hate the technology, it has brought the art and science of photography to just about everyone.

But for me, I still keep my Pentax 35mm loaded up with film… and a venerable Rolleiflex twin-lens from 1965… well, it is freshly serviced and ready to roll if and when I need a crystal clear look into my visual environment.