How big is big in the World of Coffee?

Number 4 in a list of 250,000,000

So I pop over to Google for a couple of seconds…
and type in the word coffee.
It seems that I am number 4 in a list of 250 million references.

Starbucks is 3rd.

I guess the point is – diligence and tenacity pays off. In some small way.
Funny thing is – Although I have been writing about coffee, online, since the mid-nineties and experimenting with it since the seventies, I still feel that I have just shaved off the tip of the iceberg… with a 99 cent box cutter.

I am sure of it in fact.

And as I cruise through my late-forties (how did I ever get here!?), I think… I am definitely going to need another 40 years to master this bean thing.

Speaking of Starbucks – starbucks has now surpassed McDonalds as the most parent-requested outing from children.

No kidding.

Children, aged 4 and up, are now more likely to ask mommy for a hot chocolate at Starbucks than a happy meal.