British Columbians as sheep rant #1

The British Columbian mind set - as sheepWhen it comes to taking a fleecing, it seems that no one bends over more quickly (for the man with the scissors) than the average British Columbian.

I mean – we love being taken to the cleaners… and I am not entirely sure why? Living on the West Coast in a haze of pot smoke could not possibly account for all of the passive behavior… or could it?

Take the price of gas. It can go up 3 to 5 cents in a day and there is nary a whimper from the general public… alright, maybe there are faint little bleats from the average British Columbian… but nothing sustained.

It is simple. We are all gutless, two stomached, masticating wimps in furry lavender soaked coats.

Now take todays news for a moment. The B.C. Ferries Board (whatever the heck that is…) have just voted themselves a 60% raise… pretty much out of your ruminant pockets. And before ewe get your trotters all a-twitter (as if!) how about a few more details? The board chair, Elizabeth J. Harrison, received a pay raise on April 1, when the pay hike went into effect, from $105,000 to $140,000 a year. Five new members were appointed to the 13-member board on April 11.

On April 1, BC Ferries hiked fares by an average of 7.3 per cent on the three major routes connecting Vancouver Island to the Lower Mainland and an average of four per cent on the remaining routes.

The company said the “fare increases are necessary due to the rising cost of fuel as well as operating and capital expenditures.”

I wonder what this Province of lamb-chops will do about it…
apart from uttering…