All in a days work #1

You might find this funny… or not.
I work at a local University in Technical-Rich Media.
I would tell you the department but we change names almost weekly.
Part of my job involves debugging anything electronic anywhere on campus… on any piece of equipment… excluding fax and photocopiers.

Anyway – I noticed a ticket in our computer based help-desk system for a task over in IMP – the Island Medical Program… in an area that I had a small part in building. But other than some visits to various lecture halls in the last year, I have not been upstairs.
One of the labs on the Upper levels had some issues with a flaky multi-media distribution matrix… and they wanted a 2nd opinion on expediting a solution.
So I exchanged a few e-mail with the lead tech over there, grabbed my doctors bag and some extra cable terminations and the appropriate tools, and away I went.

The issue in question was in G.A. Gross Anatomy…
complete with bags… and people, I mean, cadavers in them.

I should have read the fine print on the work ticket… not that it would have mattered.

So there I was… working in a lab full of bodies… one “bag”
within a few feet…

So I said… after looking in my tool-bag.
“Which one of you knows where my Red Robertson screwdriver is?”
Yea. Funny huh?

I felt a bit queasy for a minute or so… but it passed.

I asked the resident Tech there: “Why didn’t you tell me that
I would be in a room full of bodies?”

And he said…

“Because you would not come over…”

And I said.
“You have a point…”

I my entire life, I have seen about 2 bodies one with his head underneath a jacket. I will spare you the details because this is not that kind of web-blog.

But being in a room with 12 sets of human remains in body bags… a room cooled to single digits… well, it was sobering in an odd kind of way. It is one of those experiences that you never know how you will feel until you are actually there.