The Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard The Story of StuffLove or hate Al Gore and his message on global catastrophe, you have to stop and think for a moment… what our actual impact, our individual impact on this frail little planet is.

And whether you are sitting in a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop right now, rolling up the empty rim on your empty paper and wax cup (after having a soothing cup of hot Tim Horton’s coffee and couple of artery shattering Maple Dip doughtnuts (like I did yesterday on my way to the B.C. Ferry Terminal in Tsawsassen British Columbia…) or sitting in your idling S.U.V. at the McDonald’s or Starbuck’s drive-through with your wailing spawn in the 6 pull-out seats…

You have to think… for just a fleeting moment… between sips of that soothing beverage or nibbles on that wonderful fatty goodness…

That maybe, just maybe… something is a little amiss… or out of balance…
or ever so unsustainable… in the way you share this planet with your fellow Man.

And if Al Gore’s obvious and inconvenient message is a little too wordy for you (It was for me…) than maybe getting lectured by Annie would be more suitable.

Annie Leonard’s 20 minute flash video presents a sobering message with straight and uncomplicated talk… kind of like my Grade 1 teacher who reminded me of the consequences of wrestling little Raymond Rafferty to the ground and leaving his nose bloody… actually folks, she was lecturing Raymond about not pushing my face into the clay… but that is another story.

Living in a highly developed nation, like Canada (and for some of my readers, the U.S. of A.) we have an obligation to, at least, try and get it… to try and look around our World and maybe, just maybe just lift an arm or two to try and make a difference.

So. If you have even the slightest inkling that something is a little out of sorts in the way we Westerners live… well, PLEASE have a look at this video or the You-Tube shorts.
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