Canadian dementia report #1

Is stealing music mp3 for free really worth it?The Songwriters Association of Canada will reveal a proposal Thursday that would see every Canadian’s monthly Internet bill increase by $5 in exchange for the ability to download as many “illegal” music files as they choose.

Uhm. Excuse me? Excuse me. Excuse me!

I have never downloaded a music file. Illegally or not. Never. Ever.
Yes. There are some people that do. I am not one of those people.
Yes, I have friends that steal music. I do not advocate it. It is not in my best interest to steal music… being a part time musician after all.

A friend of mine – who has a family… 3 daughters and a wife… is an advocate of stealing music at whatever cost.

Quoting my friend: “My girls need to have their music downloads”

Ok, I acknowledged, one day while trying to fix his computer after he had installed a bad copy of Kazaa or Lime-wire.
Bad meaning that his computer was kidnapped and every time one of his teenage girls tried to use their internet browser, they were taken to a porn site.

I said to friend: “Dude, your girls need” their free downloads, but their computer is being over-run with porn.”

Oh, he said. They are OK with porn.
They need their free downloads after all.

As 1/2 of a child-less couple: Color me speechless!

Yes. He is part of the problem for the music industry of Canada. Not me.
I mean. Why not get every Police force in Canada to mail traffic tickets to every Canadian… because after all, they might actually speed one day.

It is demented. It is retarded. It is part of being Canadian.