Soap. We all use it.

Soap. It is all around us. I dare to say that there are probably few people that get through the day without a bar of soap. Those that do should probably reconsider their stance.

Me. I am an Irish Spring kind of guy.

And it makes my friend Sheila cringe.
She makes soap. Really good soap.

I photograph it. And the impromptu photo above does not do it justice.
I designed her webpage and it has had modest success.

We have come up with some interesting ideas.
Like Coffee Body Scrub.

And if you know me at all, you will know that a fusion of coffee and soap is darn near a perfect combo. Imagine getting clean and buzzed at the same time. And it works.

At some point I will be pushing this product a little more.
Shameless? Maybe.

Tingly and perky and squeaky clean? You bet!