Victoria B.C. best French Toast

Victoria's best Challah French Toast... hands downIf you have not stopped by Bubby Roses Bakery Cafe on Cook Street, near Meares Avenue (Fort Street), you have to ask yourself one question…

“Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?”

Ok. Wrong breakfast place fantasy I guess.

Bubby Roses Bakery cafe makes the best French Challah Toast in the known Universe… or Victoria B.C. Canada. I tried yet another serving of this (dish) yesterday (Saturday) morning while contemplating the thickness of the Earth’s crust and talking story with Bubby Roses creator/enforcer Mark Engels.

Mark’s OCD attention to detail is startling to watch (and somehow satisfying) if you are a customer… or in my case a customer paying attention. Truth is, most people that hang out in Cafes and Bakeries are not paying near enough attention if you ask me.


Bubby Roses Challah French toast is so perfect and light that it is hard to tell whether it is French toast or a light soufflĂ©. Two brick sized pieces of Challah bread are surrounded by small bowls of Organic Maple Syrup and Organic Yoghurt – and the bread is hemmed in by a phalanx of blueberries and bananas.

This stuff has been soaking all night in the egg wash – so it is absolutely saturated prior to being grilled.

It is absurdly tasty and satisfyingly filling. Eat this at 9AM and you should not have to eat again for 5 hours.

To quote Jack Bauer from 24:

Go to Bubby Roses! Go there NOW!
Eat the Challah French Toast! Eat it NOW!

Hey. if Jack says so.