Morons on 4 wheels rant #1

Darwin spoke about Natural Selection – here is a great example:

Victoria area Aston-Martin owner is a moronEntering Rod Serling rant mode, cigarette clasped between gritted teeth: Picture if you would, a quiet evening on the Trans-Canada highway. You are out for a romantic cruise in your 1956 Pontiac Bel-Air when the peace is shattered by a 2006 Aston Martin and a Ford GT racing down the highway. You and your date Trixie Belden are spooked as the drivers weaved in and out of traffic at high speed.

But this was not an amalgam of bad fifties and sixties B-Grade stereotypes… — it was the Trans Canada Highway Friday about 8:30 p.m. And now two expensive high performance cars are resting their rubber in an impound lot.

The Times-Colonist reports: “The drivers, who were pulled over by Saanich police outside the Red Lion Inn, are prohibited from driving for 15 days. They have also been issued violation tickets for driving without due care and attention, which carries a $368 fine.”

“A driver who called 911 was passed by the speeding cars as he came onto the Trans Canada Highway at Millstream Road. He watched them fly down the highway, until they were forced to slow down near the merge lane of the Old Island Highway. The sports cars twisted and turned through traffic lanes until they were free again to race down the highway into town. Stopped by a red light at Tillicum, both cars shot forward when the light turned green.”

How is it that if I walked into a bank and joked about wanting a zero-interest anonymous loan, I could be tossed into the slammer for 10 years… and 2 knuckleheads high on testosterone and Starbucks coffee can put dozens of lives at risk for the cost of $368? Hell, I cannot buy 3 Canucks tickets for $368.

What gives with society anyway? Two 39 year olds driving about 100,000 dollars worth of Detroit steel could have killed someone… or maimed someone… or killed a whole family. And we slap them on the wrist. How about banning them from getting behind the wheel for a year.

These 2 belong behind the wheel of a 5 year olds tricycle because that is where their actual intelligence is at.
I have seen this Aston-Martin parked at London Drugs on Yates St. I think it is the same owner. He flew out of the parking lot one evening a few months ago after picking up his prescription… traveling down Quadra avenue at speeds in excess of 60km/h within seconds of entering the road-way.
What an idiot. Watch for him.