Canada Post Rant #1

Say NO to Canada Post Junk MailImagine you are sitting down to dinner with your loved ones…
like you do every day.
Except for one small detail.
Today a stranger wanders into your home and shovels extra plate-fulls of food for you to eat… whether you want to or not.
You have no choice about this extra food.
Or do you?

And so it is with Canada Post and all the bull*hit junk mail they ladle into your inbox every day.
They say that Canadians, in general, want junk mail.
They say we need it. Community announcements. Public Service stuff. It is all there. Every day. We need it in our diet.

Nonsense I say.

Did you know that you can put a red dot on your mailbox to say NO to junk mail. Junk mail is, as we know, mail that has no specific address – and occupant is not you… so do not worry.

A Vancouver businesswoman is putting her money on the line to raise awareness about your junk-mail options.
Read her story here

In the meantime, care for more mashed potatoes?