Looking inward adlib number one

what are you looking at wiseguy?Ok. Stream of consciousness blog entry based on what passed through my brain first.

CBC Website reveals “After interviewing hundreds of witnesses, Vancouver police have no clear suspect descriptions following what they describe as the latest targeted shooting death to occur outside a restaurant in the city.”

The restaurant is Gotham Steakhouse in Vancouver.
From my perspective, the most gauche joint in town and the most likely (for regular folks like me) to find suspiciously rich people inside. You know, like going to a Canucks game – which is something that I have done in the last 6 months (and will again in one month…)

Canucks Games: Where people go to be seen – they are rich folks right? You have to be rich to see the games regularly – or have several hundred dollars to toss IF and ONLY IF you are in town and your other expenses have been covered… because if they are not you are looking at a 400$ evening for a game of ice and puck.

Anyway. Shooting at (I am sorry, Outside of…) Gotham Restaurant.
“Would you like a Potato with your 21 ounce Kobe, Sir?”
Actually, I see a surgeon over in the corner… Maybe I can get my quad bypass now and save the time eating.

Shooting. 2 dead guys. 1 horrified fiancé wearing a tiara. A lot of shocked and confused bystanders not entirely sure who or what shot whom.

I still love Vancouver. Vancouver has always had gangsters and want-to-be gangsters, hoodlums, hooligans, thugs and otherwise arrogant and self-important wankers. Every city has them. Maybe Vancouver has more per capita.

Will I stop going there? Hell no. I respect the ability of professional killers to safely hit their targets and leave us innocent and law abiding citizens the heck alone.

Case dismissed.