Would you like Crema with your Big Mac?

Fancy coffee specialty at McDonalds?McDonald’s will begin to roll out one of its biggest and most expensive new product concepts ever in a bid to put the heat on Starbucks in the battle for upscale coffee drinkers.

And if you think you are having a deja cappuccino moment, you are because if memory serves me correctly, Ronald McDonald did some clowning around with gourmet and specialty coffee about 7 years ago…

and it was an udder failure.

I was in a McDonalds Cafe in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the year 2000 or 2001 and it was quieter than lunchtime at Mime School.

Perhaps it was timing.
And like the late-seventies Laser-Disk that was so totally wrong thing, wrong time this shot of espresso coffee supremacy could actually take off.

Starbucks, it appears, is suffering from an excessive softening in growth – and hence: Starbucks announced Monday that CEO Jim Donald is out and that founder and Chairman Howard Schultz would retake the reins as CEO

It is all falling into place. Strike while the coffee pot is hot.
And so McDonald’s is diving into the frothing pitcher anticipating taking a chunk of upwards of over one billion dollars in market share.