Only in Canada RCMP rant

Would you like a breathalyzer with your fries Sir?

RCMP officers in Surrey are asking that very question as part of a new program designed to catch impaired drivers at late night drive-thru windows.

A plainclothes officer is stationed inside the restaurant near the drive-thru window while an officer in uniform waits outside.

The plainclothes officer takes a passive observer role inside the restaurant and looks for signs of impairment, such as slurred speech and the smell of stale liquor.

For the love of…

“We’ve gotten really good buy-in from the proprietors that we’ve dealt with,” said Sergeant Roger Morrow, spokesman for the RCMP’s Surrey detachment. “They’re really excited about it, they’re having fun with it.”

Buy-in? What the @&*! is Buy-in?

He said the program, titled Project WULF (an acronym for Would You Like Fries), has been used on three nights in recent weeks and has already caught two impaired drivers and doled out numerous roadside suspensions…
Do the whoppers and biggie-fries come with that suspension?

Why not go one better and station RCMP officers:

  • in Bars
  • in your living room
  • at Airport arrival gates
  • at every Tim Horton’s outlet

The RCMP have had a bad year (2007) tasering innocent people and putting bullets through the heads of people in custody… and I know how that can screw up an otherwise effective Walt Disney-esque public-relations campaign.

But this… I just do not know.