Victoria dining The Noodle Box Fisgard

Like a scene right out of Blade Runner

Andrea and I peer over the counter as two chef’s work four shimmering woks.

“Now that is adequate heat…” I whisper to my wife, as the sounds of cooking fill the air.

4 steel woks sit on open gas jets that look like the tail end of an F-18 after-burner… without the ear splitting roar of course.

There is an almost non-stop hand conveyance of fresh vegetables, sauces, meats and seafood into the traditional Chinese cooking vessels. Every minute or so a chef pours something very liquid and decidedly fragrant into a wok and it belches fire – the chef’s head arching back as the wall of flame dissipates into the exhaust fan.

Victoria’s Noodle Box Restaurant on Fisgard is a surprising and refreshing delivery of Asian fusion; traditional Thai, Chinese and perhaps some Vietnamese elements.

In a way that is dynamic, fresh, exciting and very visual.

The Noodle Box had modest beginnings as a food kiosk on lower Fisgard, near Wharf (if memory serves me correctly). And now it has grown to 2 locations in Victoria and 1 in Vancouver.

For Andrea and I, this was visit number one of many visits to come.

I had a green Chicken curry — in a bowl (spiced hot on request) and Andrea had the Noodle Box Chili Plum with Prawns (spiced medium) – Andrea counted more than 12 prawns (and some bonus shrimp) in her bowl. If I had one beef it is that my bowl was very light on the proteins – there was probably 5 or 6 bite sized pieces of chicken – yea, a small complaint.

Overall, I freely give the Noodle Box a top rating and I would go back in a heartbeat. Who knows, maybe tomorrow!