CBC On the Island – Food bank day 2007 – On the CBC #2

Talking food banks with Ian McFarland

Ian McFarland formerly of Radio Canada International - Talks about the Duncan Food BankA long time hero of mine, Ian McFarland, was on the radio this morning. Ian worked at CBC’s Radio Canada International in the seventies and eighties – and I was a big fan of his programs.

At 13 years of age and glued to an old tube-type shortwave set, it was a joy to bring in radio stations from around the World – but not as much fun as hearing the voice of Canada coming in over the crackling airwaves.

Enough about me.

Ian and his wife Mary retired to Duncan around ten years ago and that is where we connected – and we have been friends ever since.

Ian’s work with the Duncan food bank has been an inspiration to me. Although retired, Ian works tirelessly to help those who need it the most – at the Duncan food bank; coordinating activities, shopping for groceries, cooking, and stocking the shelves.

Let’s let Ian tell his story to Gregor Craigie of CBC On The Island.

Talking food banks with Ian McFarland