Walmart rant #2

Toxic waste at rock bottom prices!Something wicked this way comes… and it’s arriving on our shores daily. And I blame you!

I have yet to blog much about China’s toxic waste exportation


I blame North Americans generally for their unceasing bleat
for “lower prices”.

Enter Walmart and their ilk – more than willing to help out

The main reason we see all this crap over here (from over there…)
is that we insist on 99 cent everything for our households.

So why are we surprised that Chinese-made, Walmart’s in-house Colgate Toothpaste contains anti-freeze?
Or that Chinese cat-food, Feline-Nibbles, contains, well, Puss…
and Boots!
And all those action-figures, plush-toys, duct-tape and roof repair gauze that contain a toxic buffet of industrial waste?

Hey. Our lowest price is your guarantee!

So. Todays headline is about Asbestos found in, of all things, the CSI Fingerprint kit… made in China and containing 5% asbestos.

And if you Google CSI Fingerprint kit right now, you will be amazed where you can still buy it… heat-resistant and all!