Warmonger report #2

Cluster Bombs in Afghan school yardU.S. President George W. Bush on Wednesday vetoed a measure to expand a popular children’s health care program, launching the first in a series of major battles with Democrats over domestic spending.

Picture at left – An afghan boy stands among unexploded cluster bombs in Afghani schoolyard.

Bush was noted saying: “The policies of the government ought to be to help people find private insurance, not federal coverage,” Bush said.”

George. They are poor people. Poor children. They cannot afford any insurance. Hello!

Representative Rahm Emanuel, an Illinois Democrat quipped – “Today the president showed the nation his true priorities: $700 billion for a war in Iraq, but no health care for low-income kids,”. “Millions of American children and their families won’t forget that they are on the bottom of the president’s priority list.”

The veto came as a Washington Post-ABC News poll showed more than seven in 10 Americans supported the $35 billion increase proposed under the bill. By contrast, the same poll showed many wanted to see a reduction in Bush’s spending proposal for the Iraq war.

This president is obviously out of control.
In other news, the Korea’s are in the process of mending fences… and this fact alone must set off alarm bells in the Bush-Cheny war camp.
One less country to attack.