Too dangerous to fly – Too innocent to arrest

The neo-cons I have coffee with every morning do not get it.

“Very few innocent people will be caught in the snare of heightened security at Canada’s airports…”

That is not the point, I keep harping.

Canada’s No-Fly list was a bad idea from the get go.
It needs to be abandoned, scrapped, shelved, whatever.

This is Canada after all – not America.

My coffee buddies argue: “There are only 1000 people on the list right now…”

Yes, I reply. 1000 too many. And there are 5000 other people that have the same name as these people.
And how guilty are these 1000 people on the list?

Well, apparently not guilty enough to arrest.

Apparently we are entering a time in Human history where it is against the law to think about stuff… not actually do anything bad but contemplate doing something contrary to public order.

In some countries, for instance, this blog entry would be considered an act of terrorism.