Missile defense – No thanks

we are fooked - U.S. Missile DefenseIt is a well know fact that the U.S. Missile defense system simply does not work. It has never worked.

It is too easy to spoof the system with decoy missiles.
We live in a post-cold war era where missile systems used multiple warheads in multiple break-away modules on multi-missile launches.

The basis for the American missile defense system (which doesn’t work by the way) works on a one missile, one take down concept. Multiple incoming missiles with decoy warheads is more than enough to completely spoof George Bushes coveted defense system.

Simply does not work. Never did.

In an odd turn of events, our fearless leader Canadian PM Stephen Harper is cosying up to Bush and his missile defense plan.

Why, you ask… when the system does not work.

Well – Bush is short buddies lately… British P.M. Tony Blair’s no longer on Dubya’s friendly Five anymore.

And, I mean… what to heck. The Canadian conservatives are so in bed with George W’s GOP that it is hard to tell who actually cleans the sheets these days.

Anyho – the World is on the brink of another Cold War that now has none other than Vlad Putin (President of Russia) pissed off with the U.S.

I am old enough to remember the last major Cold War. It was`nt pretty then and likely as not will not be pretty now.