The Police in Vancouver (follow-up)

One for the “didn’t see that coming” files…

This just in:

“My name is Pete Paphides and I work as the chief rock critic for The Times in London. I am currently in Vancouver covering the first night of The Police’s world tour. I was intrigued by your posting about the difficulty you had in purchasing tickets at a reasonable price – especially the bit about having to join the fan club. Having arrived here yesterday, I noticed that The Police were playing a “fan club” only show in front of 5000 fans. It seemed odd to me that a band that had remained dormant for over 20 years should still have so many people in their fanclub that 5000 of them would be willing to schlep to Vancouver to see them play. Then I remembered what you wrote about having to pay $120 to join the fan club in order to get a chance to see the band live. Did you manage to get tickets in the end? Are you interested in having a chat about your experiences? I am reviewing the show anyway – which, I’m sure, will be enjoyable – but I would nonetheless like to write a small news story to run alongside it, talking about the lengths that some fans have had to go to in order to get tickets. If you would like to talk about any aspect of this, I can be reached on +—————. I am staying at the Westin Bayshore. I can be reached at Room —— if you call 604 ————. My email address is ——————-
Many thanks

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