Gas price blues

Gas Prices in Victoria B.C. Canada

Victoria B.C. Canada fucked at the pumpSo. They are at it again.

Lemme see. What did we see on the way home from work:

$.129.5 at the Oak Bay Junction Esso station

And via one of the many gas price monitoring websites…
$1.36.5 in Ganges, Salt Spring Island
$1.07.5 in Dawson Creek

That is about 30 cents on every litre of gas purchased in Victoria that is being stolen from you by the gas station leeches.

Your provincial and federal governments are looking the other way because they are reaping a huge benefit from the taxes collected.

So in some ways, you are being robbed twice. Maybe more.

It is patently obvious that all the gas stations in Victoria B.C. Canada are in collusion to fix prices.
The gas industry in Canada reported over 100 billion in profit last year. That is money taken from you, the consumer.

And the rip-off continues. And will continue.
It is, afterall… government sanctioned.

Meantime the government of British Columbia is about to vote themselves a 29% raise…
and services for women and children get slashed.

In an economy that is truely booming with virtually no unemployment, why do I feel like we are living in a nightmare?

What do you think?