Chase us, Tom Cruise, Chase us

John Sweeney, a BBC reporter who worked on a Scientology documentary that’s shortly to air, describes the way that the cult psy-opsed him, following him around (even at his wedding!) and calling on his family members and neighbors (I have a friend who did a Master’s thesis on the “church” and got inept, threatening phone calls at 2AM for years afterward). Eventually, Sweeney “snapped” on camera and shouted at a Scientology leader he was interviewing.

Scientologists recorded the outburst and then complained that Sweeney had made a “terrorist death threat.” Oh, puh-leeze. If there’s anything worse than being a sinister, greedy, brain-washing cult, it’s being a crybaby sinister, greedy brainwashing cult.
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I lived in a house for about 15 years and while there I got mis-delivered mail from a member of Scientology… of course I had to open that mail. It was my civic duty.
What blew me away was the catalog of stuff you had to buy to move up the Scientology rangs; cassettes, books and what-have-you…
Scientology is very much as pay as you go religion – full members could easily pay over 100,000 dollars for full enlightenment.

Yea. I guess I shouldn’t have been opening other peoples mail, huh?

That should be left to the FBI and CIA.