Gas prices in Victoria

Ok. So the word is out. The lock-step gas prices in Victoria B.C. Canada are a conspiracy of lies and deceit.

Yesterday I listened to both sides.
The center for policy alternatives calmly stated that the gas stations out West, particularly Victoria and Vancouver, are robbing patrons to the tune of 25 to 30 cents on every litre.

A representative from the gas monopoly was a piece of work.
With contempt and utter disdain dripping from his voice he offered: “Have you people ever heard of Katrina? Have you ever seen a refinery fire?”

As if I haven’t heard of Katrina? Ya. I have. That was the storm that devastated New Orleans. You know, the one that the U.S. government couldn’t much help with ‘cause they were busy tracking Osama in the streets of Baghdad.

Anyway – the pure contempt in this oil dudes voice was sickening.
He failed to acknowledge the 100 billion in profit that We put in the companies coffers last year. Like every other Canadian executive, all he could offer was a syrupy spew of utter contempt for the people that created this profit margin.

So what can we, as consumers, do? Nothing you say?
Think again. Ever heard of peaceful protest?
Try this.

Next time you need gas, pick out your least favorite gas station. That shouldn’t be difficult.

Pull up to the pump. Get out of your car. Pump 5$ worth of gas into the tank. Pay in pennies or small change. Buy a slushie.
And sit in your car for 15 minutes at the pump while you drink it. Conversely, buy your 5$ of gas. And spend 15 minutes wiping your windshield and wiper blades.

This is a peaceful blockade folks.

And remember one important thing:
The staff at ALL gas stations are your friends and brothers in this struggle. Do not harass the support staff at gas stations.

Yesterday I drove by a station near the Oak Bay junction where they had just “adjusted” the price to almost $1.26/litre. The staff were standing outside wondering where everyone was. Normally there is at least one person pumping gas. In this time interval, there was no one.

Anyway – want to do something about this issue?
Become an active member in the peaceful consumer army.