Rage against the machine – part 1

Imagine a convention of men. All one color. Let’s say white… for the sake of argument.

They are all jockeying for the position to be the future president of a country.

See if you can guess the country by the following hints.

1.) They do not believe women should have domain over their bodies or be able to make informed decisions about their reproduction.

2.) They wish to limit a doctors right to attend to their female patients by offering severely limited medical options for women.

3.) Virtually all of them are religious extremists.

4.) Some of them do not believe in evolution.

5.) Some of them would have homosexuality criminalized.

6.) Most, if not all of them, want the state in the bedrooms of the nation.

7.) Most, if not all of them, want Chuch and State unified.

Ok. Any guesses?

The Taliban you say!

Nope. Try again.

Uhm. The Mullahs of Iran!

Close, but not quite.

Give up?

It was the GOP leadership debate in Simi Valley this weekend at ten white men debated the future of the Republican party.

“Former Arkansas governor and Baptist pastor, Mike Huckabee repeated his position endorsing intelligent design on Saturday, but joked that he would allow for his own evolution if it gives him a better shot at winning his party’s nomination.”

And he wants to be President!
What would a successful President and member of the dangerous religious right do with the Sciences in America?

Pray tell.
Whoops. Maybe pray is the wrong word.