Politics, Gas and the World…

So. A panel of 3 people set out to decide what kind of money British Columbian MLA’s should get…

and the best they could come up with was 29%

for the MLA’s no less.
Don’t ask what they have suggested for the Premier…

Okay. 53%.
A 53% increase for the leader of the Liberal party and our Province’s Premier.

Sick people are sleeping in hospital corridors and this is on the table.

In other news, gas prices are increasing in Canada almost daily. For some reason the price of gas in Vancouver is just shy of $1.30/litre.
There is a 35 cent variation in the price across Canada.
Meantime the weasels in the refining industry claim the following reasons for high prices at the pumps.

-fires at the refinery
-refinery is down for maintainence
-the dog ate the refinery.

Whale Oil Beef Hooked anyway.
Oil companies are reaping mind boggling profits and we are taking it up the hoo-hoo.
Sing a happy song.

I had a friend head down to Australia for a couple of weeks. They had to transit through LAX on their way from Vancouver to Honolulu and Fiji. While in LAX they were forced to give finger prints and a retinal scan…
One more reason we will not be travelling to America anytime soon. I have another dear friend and colleague who is travelling overseas via the U.S.A. and will go through the same intrusive song and dance over what?

As Naomi Wolf writes in her blog on HuffingtonPost.Com – America is taking one significant step after another down an obvious path to a police state.
We shouldn’t be afraid friends. We should be angry… very angry.