Canada’s guardians to be ready

I laughed my horse off“The RCMP is gathering aerial photographs and blueprints of thousands of schools across Canada as part of its plan for responding to school shootings, which it unveiled Thursday.”

“The goal is to ensure that, in the event of a shooting, the first officers on the scene don’t have to waste time learning where things are.”

“Although it’s a massive project, the officials said they are confident the force can have the program up and running by September.”

“After that, the RCMP plans to do the same for universities and colleges across the country.”

“The officials said the basic plan is to get as much information about every school as they possibly can and then put it in every police cruiser — either in printed form in a binder, or as a CD for the car’s laptop computer.”

“The Mounties have already started to visit schools to obtain floor plans, electrical plans and other blueprints that show how fire alarms, water sprinklers and public-address systems work.”

“They are taking photographs of areas such as parking lots, cafeterias, and stairwells. link

This is the most absurd thing I have read in monthes… maybe the last year.

Maybe while the RCMP is at it, they can map out all homes, get master-keys for all offices, learn 50 languages and build a 5-tube radio from a kit.

…and then dance a quick step.

Come to think of it, this is all rather cartoonish. The RCMP couldn’t defend a lemonade stand from an unruly 5 year old…
without the help of the U.S. Airforce and a couple of unmanned drones.

Remember folks: Question everything!