Monday night at the Flood…

Don't have a water leak alarm? Get one!Get this:

My wife and I are sitting watching TV at close to 11PM
last night —

actually… she had just switched the TV off
and she said (and I quote…):

“Can you hear that? That sounds like water running?”

From the living room I could not hear anything…
As we moved into the hall, I could just hear the
shimmering sound of a torrent of water..

We darted into the master BR and the on-suite bathroom
was filling with water via the exhaust fan!
It was a horrifying torrent of water — probably
coming in at a rate of 1 gallon per minute.

I grabbed a dozen beach towels and threw them on the
floor… within seconds I darted upstairs to the
neighbors (a slightly younger couple…)

The upstairs neighbor answered the door
and from the look on her face she knew something
was amiss:

“Hi Colin…. whats… up? “

I said: “Have you looked in your bathroom recently?”

She shrieked: “Oh my god! Oh my god! “
and then darted into her bedroom with her husband not
far behind….

I came in after them.

Their onsuite had several inches of water and water creeping into
the master BR.
Apparently the water-closet in the toilet failed and was overflowing.

I think they were in the living room “working out” or “exercising”
based on what they were wearing and did not hear the event unfolding.

Anyway – got everything mopped up and sanitized
by about 1 AM.

The ceiling will probably need to be replaced.

Thank god for beach towels!
Do yourselves a favor folks – if you do not have one of these inexpensive water alarms, get one.
We did not suffer any extensive damage – but an alarm would have saved us some time cleaning up.