Welcome aboard… papers please!

B.C. Ferry Security - Up yours B.C. Ferries!Random security checks of B.C. Ferries passengers and vehicles are a possibility as the corporation continues to beef up security measures, says Ferry CEO David Hahn.

Random security checks

On a public highway system?
Performed by staff from the B.C. Ferries, a private partnership?

In the meantime, B.C. Ferries has already embarked on a program of enhancing security at terminals.

“We’ve installed cameras. We’ve put on more locks. We’ve got a stronger and more enforced employee identification program. We’ve got new uniforms for our employees so they stand out. We’re going to do a lot more around general security measures.”

New uniforms huh? My my, I am feeling so much more safe now.

Fact is, I never felt in danger on any B.C. Ferry.
The only fear I have is the headlong rush towards Orwellian attacks on our civil liberties we seem to be making.
Now that is the real terrorism.

I can tell you my response when asked at a B.C. Ferry terminal… to look in the trunk of my car:

“No search warrant? Then up yours!”

Randomly picking out cars for inspection is like buying a lottery ticket once a week hoping the windfall will sustain you throughout your life.

It’s bad enough that I pay for the privilege of actually getting a space on the Ferry to Vancouver (the fee based reservation system) – but to hear that I may be subject to random search:

That is complete and utter bullshit (not to mention a charter rights violation.)

Anyway – for those who love giving up their civil liberties, all I can say is…

Papers please! Papers!