The wonderful world of online…

Funky coffee healthful nerve tonic drug drinkIs there anyone out there that buys their beans exclusively online? I am curious.

Photo-left – There is no such company as funkie-coffee. I whipped this up with Photoshop

And I am not looking for names of online vendors – just information on consumer practices.

I hit someones nerve a couple of days ago when I did some research on people who spam or seed guestbooks and forums, promoting one online vendor or another…
What I found surprised and amused me.

Now I know some of you think I get a little obsessed by spammers and forum taggers (and I do…) but you have to remember: Time taken to clean defacements off this forum take time away from me responding to e-mail and writing articles. It is that simple.

Anyhow – what I did find was (after search Google with a couple of keywords based on the spam I was encountering) was that there were over 3000 websites marked with this perculiar spam — promoting one particular online coffee vendor.

In addition, the english or writing style of all the form entries was the same – the writer was obviously not from North America, English was not their first language AND they learned how to write English from a textbook over 75 years old!

Examples: Vendor-X is a fantastic coffee with magical smooth taste. You don’t need sugar or milk to enjoy it. And it is really madly popular now

Vendor-X is for special occasions too. When I make it my family has festive mood. Have you tried it? And I never use milk. ——- has too pure taste to be spoiled by milk or sugar. My husband likes to add it, me – never. I think that “elite” coffee doesn’t need it.

Vendor-X went down a bomb at the party we had last week. I can’t forget this godlike taste.

Vendor-X, zested with a peculiar bouquet, is really can be compared with nectar

I vote for Vendor-X. So rich taste… Amazing. I agree that Starbucks is bitter and it is the grave disadvantage. Vendor-X is smooth. You feel only taste of coffee.

Magical smooth taste? godlike taste? So rich taste?
Peculiar bouquet? Madly popular!

Other references go on to tell how Vendor-X coffee calms stirred nerves… or is a wild and healthful drink.

This is ad copy right out of the 40’s!

When I approached the vendor about this, I was threatened with legal action — so I removed the references to the company. Fair enough. For all I know, the spammer is working for a competing company to discredit this company. For all I know, their coffee is truely wonderful, a godlike drink, that calms flustered coffee nerves.

I do not know. What do you think?