Roll up the rim… to pollute!

roll up the rim to POLLUTE! - Tim Hortons UNGREENAn Ottawa inventor has created a “labour-saving device” to help Canadians effortlessly “Roll Up the Rim to Win” at Tim Hortons.

Paul Kind, 62, spent three years developing the Rimroller — a plastic device the size of a bottle opener that cleanly slices open and unrolls a rim in one fluid motion.

“Do you know that Tim Hortons (sells) close to 300 million cups every year?” Mr. Kind said yesterday. “When you think of all the effort expended by these different people rolling up their rim, you realize what a labour-saving device this is.”

Uhm. Hello!?

300 million empty cups that get thrown in the trash… the land-fill… the sidewalk…

The trees!

I have been in Tim’s and I steadfastly refuse this stupid and polluting practice. Hello! Does anyone else get this? The waste? The blight on our landscape?

Mr. Kind said he purchased “hundreds” of Tim Hortons coffees over the last three years to conduct rim-rolling experiments.

“I always asked them for a double cup every time,” he said. “They probably wondered why, but there certainly was a good reason.”

Tim Hortons Coffee is a Bad corporate citizen.
Bad. Bad. Bad.

Enough of this freaking pollution already…
and as you know… Tim Horton’s Coffee sucks.

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