Canada – sane and more free…

Global erosion of civil libertiesThe top court in Canada has ruled against the constitutionality of security certificates. article

Basically, the certificates allowed the Federal government of Canada to detain, without charge, non-citizens of Canada pretty much… forever.

Not only that, the detainees have no access to their accusors, legal representation, the evidence or… well… anything.

Nice. No. Not nice.
It’s not Canadian to treat people this way – Canadians or not.
We don’t do it. When we see 15-century style laws like this, we challenge them.

This kind of nonsense might fly in 21st century America but it doesn’t here.
And the last time I checked, we were a separate country.

Meantime, the U.S.A, which has gone totally insane in their economy-draining quest to find the perfect spook is slowly introducing a new form of X-Ray technology to gaze beneath the clothing of its law abiding citizens. link

In our daily (monday-friday) coffee roundtable at my place of employ, we have some pretty lively debate.
One misguided drinking companion (a loudly acknowledged ultra-rightwing christian neo-con) said: “If ya got nothing to hide… ya won’t mind showing us what ya got…”

My feeling is: A steady erosion of personal freedoms in the name of protecting us from some imaginary threat is bad for society.
That is my opinion and I welcome your comments.