Let’s do lunch…

Bell Jet Ranger over Vancouver IslandOne of my favorite places for a meal on Vancouver Island is the Crow & Gate Pub at Cedar south of Nanaimo.

I know. I know. This is one of the best kept secrets of many Islanders (and mainlanders for that matter…) and I know full well I am going to be paying dearly for letting this cat out of the bag!

Ok. So it is a pub you say. So what?

Well (more secrets about to be let out of the bag…)

The Crow & Gate is the most authentic English pub you will find in North America (I know – hyperbole)
It is as if it was transported lock, stock and barrel from England.

Except for a couple of small details.

The food is way better than the average English pub…
and way cheaper too!

I dare say I have had virtually everything on the menu; Steak Pie, Oyster Pub plate (My god! Yum!), Ploughmans Lunch… and on and on and on.

All menu items (made at the time you request them) are under 10 dollars (average price being about $7.50 Canadian)
Did I mention the food is really, really, really good?
Secrets out.

Oh yea. Why the Heli photo above?

Well. Short story. A small group of us were at the C&G a year or so ago when we heard the familiar Whop-Whop of a Bell Jet Ranger coming in for a landing… a landing in the middle of nowhere.
Picture this: Chopper cools down. Pilot jumps out and sprints to the pub back entrance. Pilot whispers a question in a waitresses ear. She nods no. Pilot returns to helicopter. Helicopter powers up and flys away.

I could not resist. I went over and asked the gal what the pilot wanted.

“Steak and Kidney Pie” she said.
“We were out…” she concluded.

It seems they get regular high-rollers from Vancouver flying in for a quick lunch.

Geeze – at 500 to 1000$/hour for a Bell Jet Ranger and pilot you would think they would call ahead.