Feeling down, feeling pretty?

super-models just want to be happy...Fashion models feel less happy and less fulfilled than people in other careers, researchers in London said.

Other characteristics models tend to exhibit include low self-esteem, loneliness and suspicions of others, Sky News said Monday.

The findings, released as London Fashion Week begins, were the results of interviews by City University researchers with a group of models and other workers.

In the study, models on average scored lower on several questionnaires, particularly when asked about their psychological need satisfaction. PNS measures a person’s need to feel connected with others, their ability to feel comfortable making independent decisions and their need to feel competent in daily work.

Bjorn Meyer, the researcher who led the study, told Sky News, “These results do not mean that models are mentally disturbed but they are nevertheless concerning, and point to a potentially serious issue.” link

I don’t know – I think this scenario would describe most bloggers, would’nt you agree?