Owning a fully automatic home coffee machine

Solis master 5000 digital - wield the powerSuper-Auto or fully automatic coffee makers are all the rage now. But you have to ask yourself one question: “Can you control yourself?”

Upside With a standard Super-Auto machine, you add coffee beans and water. You push a button. That’s it. Really. That’s it.

Downside Buy one of these units and you will drown in great coffee. On the evolutionary scale, there are few genetic upticks between the human and, say… the gerbil.

Or a hamster. You know what a hamster is, yes? My point: It takes very little stimulus to cascade from civilized beings to caffeine-pellet gobbling rodents.

Anyway – a true story: A wealthy uncle of mine bought a swiss made fully-auto coffee maker.. about 1700$
for his kitchen. A Solis Master 5000 digital.

He loved it. Perhaps a little too much. Heck, I borrowed it for 5 days for use in my lab. And the 4 normally adult male techs in my shop quickly morphed into human/hummingbird hybrids. The more they buzzed around the Solis for yet another shot the more hummingbird-like they became. Go figure.

The Solis is a good machine and the after-sales support is top notch. So, after a year, the sales/service centre that
sold it to him suggested a free check-up.

They were so amazed when they got it in the
shop… and they called me. I can remember the call…

Within 365 days of us, he has clocked in 14,000
servings of coffee. They thought he was running
a restaurant.

This Uncle, who is in his 60’s has a wife who is 32.
He has (or had at the time…) a 3 year old.

He claims: “I put my coffee maker on at 5AM and
I make one or two Americanos coffee every hour til
when I turn it off at 10 PM!”

Do the math. He pressed the brew button over 10,000
times in the space of one year.

Now THAT is coffee drinking!

Personally, I drink about 8 fluid ounces of coffee a day.
Not 8 fluid litres. If I drank coffee like this, my head would explode. Or maybe my bladder would go first.

Either way, if you think you can handle one of these units, go ahead an try. But keep a support group handy… or a life-line or something.

You have been warned.