Morons on wheels – Darwin’s natural selection

Yet another Moron on wheelsWe had a wonderful weekend at Point No Point

Beautiful weather. Brilliant Sunshine. Rest and relaxation.
Oh yea. And a…
High-speed motorcycle crashing head-on into a BMW.

West coast road between Sooke and Jordan River and Port Renfrew, however scenic, is an environment of vehicular lawlessness that the R.C.M.P cannot get a handle on.

Every weekend the Sun comes out, zippy hives of crotch rocket driving morons (guys in almost 100% of cases) zip down this winding ocean-side road at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

They endanger their lives.
And the lives of other motorists.
And they do this every time the sun comes out.

They are male. And they are ignorant and inconsiderate of others.

Anyhow. This weekend, one of these morons on wheels met head on with a brand new BMW. Judging by what was left of the bike, there was little left of the driver. The Beemer faired much better; some crumples on the hood. That was pretty much it.

Yep. This is Darwin at work. Natural selection.
And it works.

On a more personal note, I have had these 2-wheeled morons come screaming up behind my wife and I on the West Coast road… endangering us. I treat this kind of behavior as if it was agressive assault (like there is any other kind…)

And I tend to hit back.
So watch for me.

Thank you to the word-Nazi who corrected my terrible punctuation.