More attacks on freedom…

Stockwell The Conservative government has announced plans to institute a no-fly list to bolster aircraft security.

The Passenger Protect program will require all passengers to show a government-issued ID to board commercial flights by 2007.

Photo left: None other than JetSki riding Stockwell Day who is our trusted Public Safety Minister.

“Recent events such as the alleged terror plot in the United Kingdom highlight the importance of a program like Passenger Protect,” Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Friday. “We must remember that Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism and we must remain vigilant.”

The creation of the “specified persons list” will be made according to guidelines focused on aviation security, and include:

* Individuals who are or have been involved in a terrorist group, and who, it can reasonably be suspected, will endanger the security of any aircraft or the safety of the public, passengers or crew.
* Individuals who have been convicted of one or more serious and life-threatening crimes against aviation security.
* Individuals who have been convicted of one or more serious and life-threatening offences.

Passengers will need one piece of government-issued photo identification that shows name, date of birth and gender — such as a driver’s licence or a passport — or two pieces of non-photo government ID, with at least one piece showing name, date of birth and gender. link

Why is this happening? Well. America (Right-wing corporate and Christian America) wants it to happen. The Canadian government moves lock-step in whatever whim the American government might be feeling at the time.

Unfortunate enough to end up on the no-fly list by mistake?
You can apply to the Canada Office of Reconsideration
Good God! Does that not sound scary?

It should. The rights and freedoms of all Canadians are under attack.

And the more people that clue into this the better!
Wake up everyone. Here. Have a coffee!