The I Generation (or how I learned not to give a rats ass…)

I-whogivesa-flying-fcukA new mobile phone has been launched amid much fanfare and hype. But, as a survey reveals half of adults feel overwhelmed by technology, not everyone’s jumping up and down. link

Ok. Here is the thing.
I have several Mac devotees in my workplace.
One is quite sane. An awesome nice guy in fact.
The other is, well… devoted. Totally dedicated to all things APPLE.

He repeats Mac gospel as if it was nectar delivered from… well. You use your imagination.

When Steve Jobs opened his mouth the other day to reveal the i-Phone, work-buddy was there hanging on to every word like a performing seal.

Virtually every one of Steve Jobs’s verbal ejaculations involves much barking and yelping from the seal-audience that surrounds him.

He clears his throat. They applaud.
His facial expression alone can trigger a virtual melt-down or heat-up of Apple stock.

From my little perch in the Canadian I-goshosphere, I get minute-by-minute updates on apple stock from a co-worker-apple-devoted-guy that owns nary one share of stock. It’s annoying. I mean: Dude. Buy some frickin stock and stop barking and yawning about it.

Back to Jobs for a moment.

His sole role as one of the richer men in the World is to tell us what to buy.. to Tell us what to think… to tell us what to feel.

Shit. I thought this was my job. Well here is my reply:


Thank god almighty, I-free!