Shop shop shop shop shop shop shop!

Everything that is wrong with Western SocietyOk. Here is the good news. If you like to shop and spend money you don’t got (Apologies for the mis-use of the language…)

Then this is the time of the year for you.

In Victoria, we now have a selection of stores open 24 hours a day.
Now, this is great if you cannot sleep…
But seriously…
Why, on Earth, is Walmart open 24 hours a day?

Walmart. One of North Americas most reviled retailers.
It is bad enough that they are in your neighborhood. But to stay open 24 hours a day?

I read a statistic somewhere that the parking lots at Walmart are signficantly more dangerous than the average street in some of the tougher neighborhoods in the U.S.A.
That is right – your chances of physical or sexual assault are significantly higher in a Walmart parking lot than a back alley in Queens, New York… or East L.A.

Not really that surprising I guess.
It seems that Walmart attracts a criminal element. That is not a surprise.
They exploit and disenfranchise their workers, attract the poor with their promises of lower than low prices and so on.


Soon it will be Christmas where consumers will gorge themselves on consumables – and then line up after their Turkey dinners; at Future Shop, Toys R Us… and Walmart.

To buy more. And more. and more… more.

I will sleep thank you very much. And dream.

Of a World without Walmart. And all night shoppers. and Christmas gone bad. Rabid consumerist bull-shit that has taken over society.

So buy nothing.