CD Audio versus Data rip-off at London Drugs

London Drugs Victoria CD-R Rip offsI have been working on an audio project benefiting the Duncan B.C. Food bank.

Using MY own materials, equipment and audio sources.

To benefit the hungry.

Seems to be working…


That I bought a 30-unit spindle of CDs at London Drugs.
For 13 dollars (amongst other things because it is impossible to shop at London Drugs and get out for less than 50$

Anyhow. Checked the bill when I got out:
13$ for 30 blank CDs.
PLUS 23$ for “Audio Levy”

Apparently the CD label has the word “audio” on it as opposed to “data” – it is all in the label you know.

And the money-hit on each unit was77 cents for each CD because it has “Audio” printed on it.

My mistake.
London Drugs, Victoria’s BAD.

Now I have to brave the weather and go back.
And then go somewhere where I wont get ripped off.

Because, you know… It is food out of peoples mouthes.