Simple rules to drinking coffee…

spill  the wine -  take that girl. Uh-huh, uh-huh.So. I am taking enthusiastic sips of my coffee today…


Let’s back up shall we.

This brew was a blend of Cafe Misto (Hines Coffee) Decaf (Sumatra I think) and Level Ground Trading Organic Bolivian; full bodied, sweet and chewy enough to enjoy with one of my home made pumpkin spice muffins.
The Level Ground Coffee (a wonderful local roaster who only does Organic Co-op grown beans purchased direct from the farm and from the farmers. No middle people.) is a regular pick for me when I am between shipments of sample beans.

I sample coffee from everywhere. And profile it. If it’s good, I will plug it. If it’s bad, mum’s the word!

Fast forward.

Here is a good rule for coffee drinkers: If you are doing something at your desk (surfing net, sending e-mail…), make sure you leave a few CPU Cycles for actually watching what you are really doing in the real world.

I didn’t for a second.

I placed my almost full coffee mug down on top of an object on my desk. And then I let go of the coffee cup. Which, by the law of probability, fell in my direction instead of the other direction (more towards the computer and keyboard). Good thing I guess.

It’s easier to launder me (or my clothes) than it is to remove coffee from a keyboard and flat-screen monitor.

So. Coffee on my sweater (one of my favorites)
Coffee on my pants (my beige jeans). Coffee on my ergo-seat.
Coffee on the floor.

Next time, I’ll try and keep the coffee in the cup… or between the cup and my face.