Snow in Victoria… and Ice

Snow in Victoria, B.C. Canada - November 28, 2006Weather like this is a rare thing indeed.

25-35cm of snow. That is more than a foot deep.

Temperatures to -10 C. That is, I dunno, about 15 degrees F.

Pretty cold no matter how you slice it.

Still, there is an upside to a good freeze-up and dump of the white stuff:

People slow down. They get out of their cars.
While walking through largely pedestrain only avenues and side-streets, yesterday, with my wife – I noticed how people say hello and acknowledge the weather and this temporary environment.

Sure, the odd person gets into their vehicles, ill-prepared for the challenges of driving on sheets of ice. We stay out of their way and I accept the fact that people need to get out. That is life.

Anyway – the beauty of this weather is:

People slow down. And for a brief moment in time accept the fact that they alone are not in charge of their environment.
Stuff happens. In Victoria it tends to rain. Or the ground shakes.
No tornadoes. No vermin or locust plagues.

Just the ocassional Earthquake and chronic and implacable rain.
I accept it and enjoy it.