The future of the coffee web…

The Future of the Coffee Web

I have seen the future of the specialty coffee web…

and it’s JimSeven.Com

Sure, I have been webbing or blogging for 12+, almost 13 years.
The new generation of coffee savvy writers have taken the World-wide-web and its readers to a totally new place.

There was a time, not so long ago, that I viewed (with suspicion) a few of the competing specialty-coffee sites. It was not so long ago that there we were a handful of sites. Now there are more.

Many more.

And I take great comfort in the quality of these blogs and the positive energy of the writers and hosts.

So much so… that if I quit tomorrow, I know that the audience for these websites and blogs would be in good hands.

Good hands indeed.

But I am not done… just yet.