Toast for the discerning palate…

Viking professional toaster - toast for the rest of us...It`s true: Society has conditioned us to replace our toasters once a year.

Well, I say no to cheap toasters.

I mean, do the economics: If every Canadian toast-eater replaces a 49$ toaster (for their family of 4) every year (the average length of time a 49$ toaster lives) – that adds up to the GNP of most 3rd World countries.

Now, wouldn’t you rather send that money to the local food bank or the Red Cross? I know I would.

For that reason, I had no trouble paying slightly more than 49$ for my Viking Professional Toaster.

For me, it is not about the prestige or bling factor of a shiny real toaster. I mean, I could have paid 500$ for a hand-made Dualit.
Yes. It is hand-made. How do I know? I have looked at quite a few of them and judging by the build-quality, I can only assume they are assembled under the most stringent English standards.

Anyho. The Viking Professional toaster (at a couple of pennies over 300$ Canadian) looks like it will last between 10 and 20 years.
Do the math readers. This purchase makes economic sense. Big time.

And how is the toast?

The toast is wonderful! The finished product (the toast readers, the toast!) is evenly browned and not dried out. The Viking Pro appears to be double insulated (and at 1000 watts of power) can be handled at any time during the toast cycle. Short of sticking your fingers into the toasting chambers, it is impossible for you to burn yourself.

So. Stop wasting money. Get a better toaster. You will be glad you did!