Take the Aeropress Challenge

Give the Aeropress a whirlAlan Adler, engineer and designer (and owner) of Aerobie Industries – maker of the Aeropress Coffee maker is sending me a crate of 8 Aeropress coffee makers for give-away / assignment to Beta testers.

Are you a potential Aeropress beta-tester?

Have you got the right stuff to try out this interesting product?

I use the Aeropress. Every weekend.
I enjoy it so much that I packed up the Rancilio Silvia and loaned it out long term to CoffeeCrew writer Adam Tindale.

Is the Aeropress better than espresso?

I did not say that.

It is easier than fussing with espresso.

Bottom line for me, folks, is getting that caffeine into my system in the most expedient and practical way possible.

Still, I do enjoy the Aeropress. We are doing more weekend getaways from Victoria than ever before.
And the Aeropress travels well.

Would you enjoy an Aeropress?

E-Mail me and I will ship you one…
if and only if I get the sense that you are an Aeropress kind of person.

Update – I am long out of Aeropress units. Thanks for your interest everyone!