Mister Bigley`s big adventure

The incredible journey of Mister BigleyIt has taken 3 or 4 years of gentle prodding by my wife to get me to upgrade my (our) home mobile phone.

3 to 4 years…

Of gentle prodding.

So I broke down a month ago and got a Motorola Razor.
A damn fine phone.
A tough phone.
A phone up for some adventure.

And so it was to be.

While at Jordan River and Port Renfrew this weekend (with one fully loaded camera bag), my shiny new phone went sailing.

Without my knowledge.

Sailed right out of my bag.
Into the air.
Landing on a rock.

Without me hearing a thing.
It was only an hour later when we got back to the cabin that I noticed that it was not snuggled in my Lowe-Pro mini-trekker anymore.

Within minutes of this discovery, I was on the phone to Telus Mobility, cancelling my service.

I guess you might say I was crestfallen.

I mean, what is the likelihood of recoverying a phone lost on the wild west coast?

Higher than I thought.

24 hours later and the phone rings.
“Hello Sir, this is Telus Mobility calling…”
“We found your phone… you can pick it up at the downtown store…”

Within a half-hour I am cradling my little phone again…
and buying a 26er of Irish Whiskey for the guy at Telus Mobility for bringing me such good news.

Ladies – his name is Connor and he is single, 21 – looks a little like Keanu Reeves… works at the Bay Centre in downtown Victoria and he will keep a lid on that bottle of Irish Whiskey til you come down and introduce yourself.

Tell him I sent you!
Meantime, our phone (now nicknamed Mister Bigley ) is back home, safe and sound.
To whomever or whatever brought the phone back, thanks!