Regina, Saskatchewan Coffee – the short report

The bad cafes can be... anywhereI had been warned about Regina, Saskatchewan – about their coffee scene at least.

And there are two ways of looking at this folks.

It may be the least evolved urban coffee centre in Canada.
It also provides a golden opportunity for anyone with a lick of business sense to open a cafe concept that will kick ass.

What I saw in Regina could be summed up thusly:

The people running the cafes here…
no wait. Let me start again.

I do not believe I actually experienced Specialty Coffee in Regina, Saskatchewan.

I experienced lunch places, that just so happened to have an espresso machine.
Or Coffee places that thought they were espresso places but were lacking the skill or identity to pull it off.

You see, espresso places should not necessarily sell; art… or stick candy… or jams and jellies… or country art.

This is called an identity crisis.
Regina cafes do not know what they want to be.

Solution: The owners or potential owners should jump on a plane and come to Vancouver, Seattle or Victoria… or Calgary even.

There is a stunningly brilliant opportunity for coffee-house success in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Finally, think about this:

If you were served a bad glass of beer in a pub or a cold meal or raw steak in a restaurant, what would you do?
You would raise a fuss.

How is it then, that a insipid, bitter, battery-acid tasting shot of coffee can be served in a nice little town like Regina without the Barista even flinching or asking the simple: How is your espresso, Sir?