Bonus Blog – To the Moon Alice!

been there, done that.Andrea and I did dinner at Rosie`s Diner in the Cook Street Village tonight.

Seems it has some interesting regulars that eat there.

At some point an elderly old gent sitting next to us started talking and offered,

  • He was a veteran of WW II
  • He was one of Canada`s 1st Snow-bird pilots
  • He met his wife in London during the Blitz
  • He has owned a Rolls-Royce, arguably the World’s best car
  • He is 88 and very young looking
  • He has been on the mother ship on the dark side of the moon
  • And he had been on the moon as well with the Apollo crews

Afterward, Andrea asked me if she heard him correctly.

I said, “Nope, he definitely met his wife in London.