Mister Bigley, Jack Russell

Mister Bigley (Mr.Bigley)An interesting lesson I learned a few weekends ago…

Andrea and I have been doing 4 day weeks every week during
the summer…
different things on the weekends… a cabin here, a resort there..

2 weekends ago we did a cabin on Salt Spring Island
on a 14 acre waterfront place – North Island.
It was wonderful.
While there we had a companion, named Mister Bigley…
a short hair Jack Russell Terrier who pretty
much hung out with us the whole time…
apparently his job on the property.
Both my sisters have (and have had) dogs of every stripe.

I have not had a pet to call my own since 1976.

My really got attached to Mister Bigley by Day three.
Mister Bigley is, like, 13 years old… which in doggie
years is like 80.

An eighty year old man. Deaf at that.

He mooched a bit but I was extremely careful not to feed him anything.

By day 3 we were totally hooked.

And it was SO sad to leave…
Thankfully, Mister Bigley was asleep on the sofa as we
packed to leave.

Truth be told, I think Bigley is an old hand at meeting, greeting
and saying goodbye to new friends.

Not me. I am a sap.

You never forget the kindness and loyalty of a dog.