Take the coffeecrew challenge and stop drinking coffee.

its holiness - the flying spaghetti monsterAs mentioned over on the homepage

I have been working downward (in my consumption habits) toward zero coffee consumption.

I know. I know. The looks I have been getting since I started this adventure. Dude you are the coffee guy. You. Coffee. You are inseparable. No Coffee. No Colin.

Oh well.

Anyway. I would like to experience a coffee free body.

I tried this once before. Suddenly actually. And the results were less than pretty.

Picture me writhing on the floor in agony.
Flu-like symptoms.

Purple Spiders crawling down the melting walls of my cage.
And that was day 2.

I lasted about 5 or 6 days before the blinding headaches became
That first cup after 7 days away from the bean was like drinking a combination of liquid treacle laced with Afghani heroin.

The relief flowed through my body like a warm tropical rain…
and faster than a morphine epidural.

Caffeine. This stuff is nasty. I am getting off of it (at least in this form) for a couple of monthes.
Don’t worry reader It is not forever.